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Better Than Before: Rebuilding Relationships Post Divorce
Episode 3223rd February 2022 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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In today’s episode, I am joined by my clients, Jordan + Eric for a client interview and real-life example of two people who are committed to doing the WORK to create the relationship they desire after two really tough marriages.

They entered their second marriage with high hopes that the past was behind and things were going to be smooth sailing! But soon enough they began to realize that those same issues and painful triggers from the past were showing up again and again, themselves in a different outfit.

Frustrated,  and at a complete loss on WHAT to do - they reached out and committed to this JOURNEY together. They soon began to realize there was a GAP in what they THOUGHT they needed from each other  vs what was actually required from both of them to CREATE the new.

As always, it starts with US - not the other person.

The beautiful thing about these two is that they DECIDED together to truly become co-creators of the NEW together - and that meant a dying of the old ways and familiar patterns of fighting, communicating …setting new boundaries and redefining what ‘caring’ meant.

Today we talk about - 

  • How to get our RELATIONSHIPS right and bring oxygen to our relationships
  • The UNRESOLVED Issues that kept creeping in to their SECOND marriage from
  • People Pleasing, Control Issues, Disappointment +Giving our Power Away to
  • Taking ownership of your own patterns moving forward
  • How they are navigating raising young adult boys in the blended family
  • The importance of Bringing GOD into their marriage 
  • Creating a healthy, adventurous and freeing relationship together

Many of us can relate to a relationship past filled with heartache, betrayal, constant fighting, or simply an emptiness from lack of intimacy and connection. 

If you are in a space where you want to REBUILD a relationship that is BETTER than BEFORE - this podcast is for you. 

Whether you actually went through a divorce, or you are in a second season of your current marriage…

You can ALWAYS shift gears, lovingly let go of the past - and begin to create what you desire… Together.

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