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Exercise, sleep and memory/Heather Fuhr
Episode 8811th March 2022 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • tridocpodcast
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In this episode:

The impact that good quality sleep has on exercise performance has been pretty well understood for some time now. What is becoming clearer is how exercise also has a role in improving the quality of sleep. In addition, there is a growing consensus that both sleep and exercise are beneficial to cognitive function and memory. I explore what is known about this and speak to some prominent researchers in the field. Plus, Heather Fuhr was one of a trio of dominant Canadian women in Ironman triathlon in the 90'2 and early 2000's. Fuhr won the 1997 World Championship in Kona and had numerous top ten finishes on the big island to go along with her many wins at Lake Placid, California, Japan and others. She joins me to discuss her storied career and what she has been doing to stay active in triathlon since her retirement.


[06:59]- Exercise, sleep and memory

[18:04]- Heather Fuhr