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512: From Failure to Promised Land: Leveraging Failure to Become a Better Podcaster
Episode 127th February 2019 • Podcasting Experiments • Joshua Rivers
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In this episode, Joshua talks with Natalee Allen Champlin, former host of the third episode of The Mentee Podcast. Natalee shares the unusual way she became the host of a podcast that she didn’t start herself and the lessons (both good and bad) from that experience.

What We Talked About

  • How Natalee transitioned from podcast listener to host
  • Why Geoff (the owner of The Mentee Podcast) chose an unusual method to keep his podcast alive
  • How to learn from every experience to become better…including failure
  • Lessons Natalee learned about growing as a podcaster
  • How to find your “sweet spot” as a podcaster in a world full of podcasts

Key Takeaways

  • Be open to new experiments. An experiment, like a change in podcast format or features, could open a new opportunity for you.
  • Don’t be afraid of healthy conflict. When working with others, don’t be afraid to stand by and defend your ideas on a project or idea.
  • Don’t hold on to failure. If something no longer serves you or your mission, don’t be afraid to let it go.
  • Learn from your failure. Every experience offers opportunities for learning.


About Your Guest

Natalee Chapman is an entrepreneur, Mom, “wannabe astronaut” fill-in marketing director, business coach, and former host of the third season of The Mentee Project who is building a leadership development company.




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