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128: Boost productivity by removing timewasters with Jennifer Smith
21st October 2022 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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When clocking off work for the day, have you ever wondered where did that time go!? A McKinsey report recently found that ‘’employees spend 1.8 hours every day of their working week on average – searching and gathering information.’’ Joining Aoife on the podcast this week is former McKinsey engagement manager and now CEO and co-founder of Scribe, a productivity SaaS company based in San Francisco, on a mission to help individuals and teams work at their best, up their productivity levels and win back precious time.

In this episode, Jennifer, an accidental CEO and efficiency and productivity devotee, introduces us to the empowering tool of Scribe and shares how we can boost productivity by removing timewasters. Jennifer also offers some wonderful concentration techniques and shares how to eliminate time costing interruptions. So, if you want to achieve more focus work and free up your daily task list – this episode is a must-listen! Key points throughout include;

- An introduction to Jennifer Smith

- The cost of interruptions: How often do you get interrupted a day?

- Transferring knowledge with the power of Scribe

- Managing time effectively and tackling collaboration overload at work

- The addiction of busy and overcoming pressure on slower working days

- The solution to distraction and collaboration overload

- How to encourage accountability in the workplace.

- Challenge: Stay focused at work with the post-it note technique

- How to take charge of your workload

- What does productivity mean to you? What are you trying to achieve?

- What Happier at Work means to Jennifer

‘’You could go the entire day having helped a whole bunch of people and done a bunch of work or felt like you helped a bunch of people, and certainly like, you know, put a lot of hours into it, but not actually have moved the ball forward on whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve and what you’re trying to do.’’ – Jennifer Smith.


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