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Harvesting Memories: The Evolution of Farming and Family Entertainment at Eckert's Orchards
1st May 2024 • Saint Louis In Tune • Motif Media Group
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We feature the multi-generational Eckert's Farm located in Belleville, Illinois and its impact on local agriculture and family experiences. Angie Eckert, Vice President of Eckert's family-owned orchard, shares the farm's 175-year history and its evolution in farming practices. She highlights the farm's commitment to family experiences and year-round activities, like pick-your-own produce.

The conversation also highlights Eckert's latest cookbook, focusing on fresh, simple recipes that showcase the farm's produce. Additionally, topics such as the logistics of orchard pollination and innovative uses for unsellable produce are explored. The conversation underscores Eckert's commitment to sharing agriculture with the community, fostering family memories, and embracing advancements to ensure the farm's sustainability for future generations.

[00:00] Welcome to St. Louis in Tune: A Family Adventure at Eckert's

[00:44] A Casual Chat with Mark Langston: Allergies, Civility, and Moving Woes

[02:34] Diving into Eckert's Legacy: Angie Eckert Shares Insights

[06:24] From Farming Innovations to Family Memories: The Eckert's Experience

[14:32] Eckert's Culinary Delights: A Peek into Their Latest Cookbook

[19:06] The Evolution of Farm Visits and the Future of Eckert's

[25:56] A Brief Intermission: The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Initiative

[28:30] Welcome to St. Louis In Tune

[28:33] Eckert's Favorite Recipes Unveiled

[29:00] Exploring the Art of Simple Cooking

[29:24] The Beauty of Eckert's Cookbook

[29:53] From Farm Life to Culinary Delights

[30:42] Eckert's Adventures in Winemaking and Hard Cider

[32:13] Introducing Seasonal Cocktails and Cider Slushies

[33:34] Partnering for Preserves and Expanding Experiences

[34:30] The Simplicity and Joy of Making Jams and Jellies

[36:16] Eckert's Online and Physical Presence

[38:09] A Family's Journey Through Generations

[41:07] The Future of Eckert's: Planting, Pollination, and Planning

[44:43] Understanding the Effort Behind Farming

[48:55] Engaging the Next Generation and Community

[51:05] Wrapping Up with Days of the Day and Apple Jokes

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