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12: In Crisis and Calm: Lead your Horse to Better Health in 2024 with Dr. Lizzie McCready
Episode 1226th December 2023 • Healing Horses with Elisha • Elisha Edwards
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I am delighted to have a special guest joining me on the show today as we wrap up

for 2023!

Dr. Lizzie McCready is an expert in equine veterinary medicine, having worked in bustling referral hospitals and as an ambulatory vet in the UK and Australia. Her passion lies in handling emergencies, with colic and various medical crises constituting her daily round-the-clock responsibilities. 

Dr. Lizzie has dedicated herself to educating horse owners about effectively managing emergencies. Stay tuned to learn from the insights, knowledge, and veterinary experience she has accumulated over the last ten years. 

Mindset and Making Informed Decisions  

Mindset is crucial- especially when dealing with emergencies. Dr. Lizzie also underscores the need for horse owners to be well-informed and proactive because their quick and informed actions can positively impact their horse before the veterinarian arrives. 

Clear Communication  

Clear and effective communication between horse owners and veterinarians is essential because it helps owners understand the veterinary advice and feel confident in asking questions. 

The Importance of Trust 

Trust is crucial for an owner's relationship with their horse and for collaborating with veterinary professionals.

Energy Exchange Between Horse and Owner

Horses can sense emotions. So they feel everything their owners are feeling. If thereis an emotional connection between a horse and its owner during times of crisis, it helps the horse maintain positive energy and trust in the healing process. 


Leadership is essential for handling horses, particularly in stressful situations like vet visits. Dr. Lizzie emphasizes the need for owners to stay grounded and calm as horses look for emotional leadership. When horse owners are rushing or panicking, it can increase their horse’s stress, making difficult situations even more challenging.

Pressure and Stress Levels

Horse owners often feel pressured to resolve their horse’s issues instantly. Dr. Lizzie explains that chronic pressure and stress will only hinder the healing process. She points out that owners who remain calm and confident during emergencies will positively influence their horse's response.

Training and Mentoring

Foundational training, continuous learning, and being open to new information are all crucial for veterinary practitioners and horse owners because they face a constant learning curve. Dr. Lizzie highlights the value of having mentors in the veterinary field and encourages horse owners to find mentors who inspire them. 

Guilt and Shame in Owners

Lizzie shines a light on the guilt and shame often experienced by horse owners, especially when dealing with long-standing issues. She advises owners to let go of their guilt, focusing instead on the present and the future. 


The three-step framework for emergency preparedness:

  1. Assess
  2. Communicate
  3. Treat

Lizzie emphasizes the value of having a systematic approach to emergencies. She highlights the importance of proactive prevention rather than reactive responses.

Intention, Mindset, and Perspective in Assessing Injuries

Horse owners will benefit from setting positive intentions and maintaining a proactive mindset when assessing their horses’ injuries. Dr. Lizzie encourages owners to retain their perspective and asses the entire situation rather than fixating on the most visible issues. She stresses the need for thorough assessments and a routine and structure for managing horse’s health.

Continuous Learning and Prevention

Continuous learning is an essential and ongoing process. Dr. Lizzie also emphasizes the significance of prevention, encouraging horse owners to prioritize their horse's health through lifestyle choices, nutrition, and stress management. 

Master Class on Colic

Colic is currently the leading cause of death amongst horses around the world, and Dr. Lizzie wants to change that. She is offering a free Colic Masterclass on the 3rd of January, where she will address what veterinarians wish horse owners knew about colic. The class will cover the causes of colic, preparation for emergencies, and mental and emotional readiness for decisions like hospitalization or euthanasia. She invites all horse owners to join the free class! 

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