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How to do Less Marketing to Find More Clients
Episode 7629th July 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Do you feel the pressure to be doing everything to market your holistic business? You add more and more to the list of activities you “should” do because you assume other practitioners are finding clients using them, and you’re missing out.

Different strategies work for different practitioners, even if they work in the same discipline and help the same niche. Whilst there are loads of options, just because they work for one practitioner, it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. And you certainly shouldn’t be trying to do them all – it’s a recipe for failure.

Finding clients won’t come from doing more marketing, you need to do the right marketing, and this is where less is more.

Ultimately, marketing is about building relationships and connections - this is what leads to finding more clients.

  • (02:12) Less general, more niche
  • (04:08) Less quantity, more quality
  • (06:22) Less frequent, more consistent
  • (07:26) Less sharing 'just because'
  • (09:42) Think of the 80/20 rule

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