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Matt Clark Pit Stop Performance in Business
6th November 2023 • Legacy Roadmap Podcast • Robert Peterson
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Matt Clark and Robert talk about performance and the power of a team. Execution and performance in sports or in business comes down to the process, systems, checklists and how the team practices. THe most important part of execution is knowing the result that you want and be willing to remove the unnecessary to improve the process. Most people don’t get the results that they want because they don’t measure the right gains in the process.

Matt Clark is a speaker, coach and expert team strategist. His focus on the neuroscience of beliefs, coupled with  his experience as a NASCAR championship Pit Crew Coach for drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, gives him a unique perspective on mindset and performance.

Matt understands the challenges of imposter syndrome, developing leaders, building teams and achieving results in an extremely competitive environment. His passion is to help high performers build a championship mindset as well as helping business leaders develop teams that drive performance.

Along with doing time as an on air analyst for FOX Sports1, Matt has done a TEDx Talk and presented for AIRGAS International, CORNING USA, S&D Coffee Grand Canyon University and others. His personal and professional journey has given him valuable insights and experience in life and business. 


Instagram: @mattclarkmc