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Perfect Podcast Introduction, Show Notes and Social Media Copy (in only 5 Minutes)
Episode 813th October 2021 • Podcasting Strategy • Juergen Berkessel
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Let's assume you’re a business podcaster, and you want to write the perfect podcast introduction for your next episode. And you also need some copywriting to create show notes excerpts, Youtube teaser copy, multiple social media posts variations, meta-descriptions for SEO or even Instagram slides and stories. These short-form pieces of content is is what we at Polymash call podcast micro-copy.

We know how hard it is to write an introduction that captures attention and gets listeners or readers excited about what they are going to hear or read next. That’s why we highlight some Artificial Intelligence tools in this episode of the Podcasting Strategy Show! These can help you craft the perfect micro-copy for every episode of your podcast or blog post in just minutes. No more writers block! Just tell the tool what type of tone you want (witty, bold, professional) and let the AI do all the work for you!

AI tools can help give your audience exactly what they need for each episode – a great introduction that makes them eager to listen or read on. And with over 10,000 different types of introductions available, there’s no way anyone could get bored listening/reading any one particular series again!

Plus, these tools are free so sign up for right now, with a 10,000 word AI generator credit, so check out the links in this episode today before time runs out!

So what is micro-copy? Well, you've been listening to it. The introduction for this episode you just heard was 95% generated by an AI tool we will talk about in this episode.

00:00 - An Introduction To Micro Copy

02:51 - Micro Copy Use Cases

07:02 - Podcast Show Notes Content Series Recap

10:31 - Jasper AI Overview and Features

15:14 - Our Favorite Jarvis AI Templates

23:14 - Jasper AI Demo For An AIDA Intro

27:53 - Links And Resources

Links and Resources

To try Jarvis and get AI credits from our Polymash Deal for 10K words:

We go into much more detail and the pros and cons of each in the full episode, so just click for links, tools and resources, goto



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