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55: Aden Nepom on effective communication within the workplace
5th March 2021 • Happier At Work® • Aoife O'Brien
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Effective communication is an essential tool for any business and more so than ever right now as many of us are still working remotely as the 1-year pandemic mark approaches. Not only does communication help build relationships and collaborations within the organisation; it too enhances employee engagement, morale and performances. In this episode Happier At Work host Aoife O’Brien chats to communication advisor Aden Nepom to discuss; - What is communication & why is it a vital tool? - To assume good intent of communicators. - Practical tips & tools to positively enhance your work environment. - The importance of building trust within your team, and for your staff to be understood & heard. - Understanding behaviours and how to gauge communications and body language. - How to prepare for tough conversations. - Positive conflict within the workplace. Aden Nepom is the host of The Changed Podcast, a Senior Facilitator for On Your Feet Improvisation for Business, and President of the Art of Change - Skills for Life. She helps people to navigate our ever-changing world by coaching skills and exploring habits that develop people into stronger collaborators, better business partners and more influential communicators. She has worked with worldwide renowned clients including Dell, Nike, Lockheed Martin, IAAP, the Federal Reserve Bank, Uber and more. Aden is also an internationally touring Improv Theatre performer and teacher. When not working with clients, you might catch her in ridiculously entertaining (sometimes heartfelt, sometimes hilarious... sometimes both!) shows like USS Improvise the Next Generation the Musical, B.A.B.E. Presents "I Love Musicals" a fully improvised 1950's sitcom-musical, or Manacle: Improvised Love Stories - a show in which Aden and real-life husband Eric convert audience stories into improvised One Act plays. Connect with Aden Nepom: Connect with Happier at Work host Aoife O’Brien: Resources: The Curse of Knowledge, tappers and listeners study -




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