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Episode 5: All About Publicity in Personal Branding
Episode 521st September 2020 • Authentic As F*ck Podcast • Sun Yi
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Elizabeth tells us about her experience around working with a PR firm during Michael's book launch, what are the pros and cons of hiring a PR firm, and how you should work with them.

We also discuss the importance of getting on podcasts and what's really important when building a personal brand. (and it's not what you think)


What's a photographer or videographer's real job [9:25]

How motivational speakers help in your daily life [12:20]

How Goggins grew so fast without marketing tactics [14:30]

How the PR firm helped Michael with media training [20:25]

Biggest podcasters don't do pre-interviews [25:00]

Why Aubrey Plaza is so awkward on interviews [29:03]

The secret tactic Elizabeth learned from media training [31:30]

Difference between major press and podcasts [35:03]

How cliques and communities relate to PR [41:30]

How you can REALLY connect with people on social media [54:24]

Some people don't like authentic people [58:00]

How to send cold message/DM in an authentic way [1:03:38]

Most people love being told what to do [1:15:35]

How introverts can build communities [1:23:43]


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