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E259 | Exploring A Bold Approach To Value-Based Pricing with Blair Enns
Episode 2598th August 2023 • Mind Your F**king Business • Dominic Monkhouse
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In the world of professional services, how you approach sales and how you price your products or services can make or break your business. Our guest this week has seen how shifting from a price buyer to a value buyer mindset has a massive impact on the success of a business.

This week we’re learning from Blair Enns, the founder of Win Without Pitching. Blair is known for his impactful insights on pricing strategies and value-based selling in professional services, whose journey began 21 years ago. He perceived creative professionals as people working in advertising or design, a mindset that gradually transformed with the shifting dynamics of the creative firm market. He realised that creativity was more than that; it was the ability to see, bring a novel perspective to a problem, and propel entrepreneurs towards their vision. 

He now guides them through the process of selling, not as a predatory act, but as a path of facilitating and helping clients buy. Blair's path was not without its challenges. He grappled with the balance between selling as an expert versus a vendor, and the different outcomes each role could produce. While being an expert provided more power and leverage, being a vendor resulted in reduced impact, lower margins, and a higher cost of sale. Recognising the importance of vision and selling, Blair began to view these roles as the foundations of leadership, a perspective that helped him let go, take risks, and say no in order to scale his business. Embracing these lessons, Blair is now inspiring others to do the same, helping them navigate their own journeys in the world of professional services.

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On today’s podcast: 

  • Overcoming the fear of selling
  • Winning without pitching
  • Implementing a bold pricing strategy
  • Shifting from price-buyer to value-buyer


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