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Breaking Stigma, Building Connection with Allison Walsh
Episode 3830th August 2023 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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Today’s episode of the Performance Mindset podcast features Allison Walsh. Allison is the founder of Allison Walsh Consulting and Vice President of Clinical Outreach at Charlie Health. Charlie Health is an organization that provides lifesaving treatment options to young people and families experiencing mental health crises. Allison spent the last decade coaching women on personal branding, business, and success. She is a certified positive psychology coach and has been featured in top media sources such as Forbes, Business Leader, Bustle, and the Harvard Business Review. Allison also hosts a podcast and is about to launch a new book.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How a personal experience with a mental health struggle led her to the mental healthcare industry and why she wants to help others and share her story.
  2. The power of connection and working with others.
  3. The misconceptions and stigma surrounding mental health and why it matters as much as other aspects of your health.
  4. Toxic positivity and how it differs from actual positivity.
  5. Some common mindset traps we can fall into as we handle obstacles and why done is better than perfect.
  6. Allison’s experiences with her podcast and writing her book.
  7. The one thing she attributes her success to and why it’s been a launchpad for so many other things in her life.
  8. Allison’s typical day and how she balances work with her personal life.

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