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Frustrated with your job? Should you stay, switch, or start? with Tony Leonard - Ep. 49
Episode 494th April 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this highly personalized episode, Tony Leonard, a career coach for creative professionals shares how over years he developed a coaching model for helping individuals enjoy a more fulfilling career.

You’ll discover how to navigate the most challenging times in your career, whether it’s time to leave or double down and press forward, and the one most important thing you need to survive the early start up stages for your new business.

After working for six years at UC Berkeley as a PhD student advisor, Tony left to work at a nonprofit as a college and career coach for first-generation undergraduates. He opened his own coaching practice in 2019 and has worked with clients from age 25 to 65. He helps marketing professionals, opera directors, small business owners, nonprofit Executive Directors, data scientists, finance professionals, UX researchers, musicians, website developers, engineers, gardeners, puppeteers, writers, and many others to leave bad jobs, land good jobs, and get paid.

Want to learn more about Tony's work as a career coach? Check out his website at