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The Secret to Growing Your Business Sustainably with Government Contracts with J Haleem Washington - Ep. 50
Episode 505th April 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this eye-opening episode, Author, Business Coach, and Corporate Trainer, J Haleem, shares how he went from making minimum wage to helping business owners consistently land 6 and 7 figure contracts.

You'll discover how much work is available that you never even knew existed, why a little patience goes a very long way with government contracts, and who is the ideal candidate to work with local, state or even federal government entities.

J Haleem Washington is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer who has worked with international brands like Nike, Save The Children Foundation, NFL, Amtrak & The WNBA. He’s also a 3-time best-selling author including his latest book Business Corner: What's Really Needed to Survive the Entrepreneurial Fight.

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