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#471: Vietnam Airlines Shares Lotusmiles Loyalty Insights
Episode 47114th December 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today we are back in Asia, this time in Vietnam to learn all about Lotusmiles, the loyalty programme for Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines is part of the SkyTeam Alliance and our guest today is Thi Thu Hien Tran, Deputy Director of Lotusmiles, based in Hanoi in Vietnam.

Hien shares the journey for Lotusmiles from its original launch in 1999 through to today and their latest achievements in loyalty.

 Show Notes:

1) Thi Thu Hien Tran

2) Lotusmiles

3) Vietnam Airlines

4) Watch this episode at ⁠www.Loyalty.TV⁠⁠.





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