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Trailer16th May 2024 • Our Shared Ocean Podcast • Our Shared Ocean Programme
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The Our Shared Ocean Podcast brings you stories of lived experience from across the world as part of Ireland's response to the environmental and economic challenges facing many Small Island Developing States.

Coming up in the Our Shared Ocean Podcast:

  • Using lunar cycles to improve management of fisheries in the Western Pacific
  • How Iceland and Ireland are helping to develop Jamaican Aquaculture
  • What are Nature-based solutions and how will they help coastal resilience initiatives in Timor-Leste, Trinidad, Jamaica & Galway
  • Citizen science in the least developed country in the western hemisphere
  • Automated low-cost sensors to improve coral-reef resilience in Guam
  • From Maynooth to Bermuda to the Caribbean to hear about the implications of a changing climate for storm frequency and intensity


Are you a Marine Scientist or student based in a Small Island Developing State. Would you like to tell us about your research?

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The Our Shared Ocean Podcast is a funding initiative by the Government of Ireland through Irish Aid and managed by the Marine Institute.




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