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Interview with Podcast Producer & Storyteller, Elaine Appleton Grant- Part 2
Episode 4126th August 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This week, we are diving back into part 2 of my interview with Elaine Appleton Grant. Last week, we discussed a lot of the ins and outs of starting and doing a podcast. This week we dive into a bit deeper how COVID is affecting the business of podcasting and how to tap into your audience when figuring out your own podcast.

In this second part, we discuss:

  • How COVID has affected podcasting and what is coming out of this
  • The podcasts she’s seen out of COVID and what effects they’re having on society
  • Different podcast formats and figuring out what’s right for you / your podcast
  • The importance of being tuned into your audience to know what they want to listen to
  • Some of the things that deteriorate the quality of your podcast
  • How to improve the quality of your own voice 
  • How larger companies are using podcasts to their advantage
  • What Elaine is currently working on

To find out more about Elaine Appleton Grant, you can find her most easily on LinkedIn ( If you’re interested in her services, you can find out more information at She also has a Kickstart your podcast worksheet that you can find here: 

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