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#50: Autoresponder Day Podcast!
Episode 504th May 2021 • Neville Medhora Talks Copywriting • Neville Medhora
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Autoresponder Day Podcast!

  • What is an autoresponder
  • Nev: Uses for autoresponders I’ve seen
  • Passive income - this is the tool
  • The Tale of Two Blogs: NevBlog vs Copywriting Course
  • Did a launch of from India while stuck in Kerala during a protest
  • Load up a sale (like Black Friday) and repeat
  • Dan: Uses for autoresponders I’ve seen
  • Make the first sale
  • Get everyone up to speed, like a classroom
  • Introduce your brand/team
  • Personal service, like birthdays (great for restaurants)
  • Different services: Mailchimp, aweber, infusionsoft, klayvio, convertkit
  • Tagging, broadcasts, autoresponder, stats
  • How often to send emails? 
  • 70/30 appsumo
  • Stubbs events- sched of events
  • (maybe: what topic to pick for the autoresponder, offer specific value)
  • Mention product in beginning 
  • mention - Autoresponder That Sells
  • Gonna sell via autoresponder