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Six Steps To Prepare for Your Sports Job Search – Work in Sports podcast e134
19th November 2018 • The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers • Brian Clapp - Work in Sports
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So you are ready to find a job? Here are 6 things you should be doing right now to prepare for your sports job search. Do these things first!Hi everybody I’m Brian Clapp, Director of Content for and this is the WorkinSports podcast.Before I get into today’s podcast question – which is a good one by the way – something I forget to mention often enough is our student pricing deal at WorkinSports.comJust checking the site…we currently have 10,685 active sports jobs on our site and another 696 internships… that’s an insane amount of opportunity! And for those of you who are students, we’ve recently introduced deeply discounted student pricing.Get this – a 6 month membership, for only $30. That is 87% savings!You get all the features and benefits of membership, but at a deeply discounted rate. Our little shout out to the students out there trying to make it in the sports industry.Go to and fill out your membership details. You need to have and use your .edu email address. That’s how we know you are a student. This is student pricing!Now, real quick – if you’re a student you may be thinking…I’m not ready for a job yet, don’t need the service. Wrong answer![Bonus tip of finding the right skills for your ideal sports job]That’s a little bonus tip for you today. Let’s get into today’s question from Harrison in New HampshireHey Brian – thanks so much for the podcast, I have really learned a ton. Just wondering, should I pause my job search over the Holidays? Seems like it is hard to make any progress this time of year.The simple answer is No, you should not pause your job search over the holidays.There are many reasons for this, namely, many employers are still active and are impressed by those people who don’t take the time off this time of year.That is especially important in the sports industry… sorry, there is no break. Football, Basketball, Hockey, soccer and Baseball’s off-season adventure are all in full force. There is no break.Also, from my own experience, holidays are blurry lines for people in sports. Everyone else knows the holidays have an exact date, but when you work in sports and you have odd hours and off-days…the holidays are sometimes where you can squeeze them in.The train doesn’t stop. Period.Sometimes people don’t like to hire right before the Holidays, but they get the framework in place so that they can eventually hire in January.Many organizations are holding out for January to do their actual hiring, it’s when their budgets for the new year kick in and often can result in a frenzy of hiring. Plus, new staff can get off on the right foot, rather than trying to start in the crazy period between Thanksgiving and New Years.So here’s my suggestion – keep going…and do some house-keeping:1: Contact all of Your References and update their contact information 2: Update all of your Social Media Profiles (i.e. Get Rid of You Being Dumb)  3: Prepare for THE Question  4: Stimulate your Network 5: Know Who You Are Online 6: Explore Your WeaknessesListen in to the episodes to get more details on all of these concepts for preparing for your sports job search!