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Blue Rupees Episode 15 - GamePass is Awesome, Nintendo Censorship, & G2A is Scummy, Dexxit
Episode 154th July 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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In this episode we talk about how scummy G2A is, how great GamePass is, drama within the Smash Bros community, and how Nintendo is on the right side of censorship this gen.

-Trivia: 00:38:45

-Drama in Smash community: 00:56:15

-Sony considering acquisitions: 00:57:15

-Sony changing PS+ line up: 01:01:00

-New Game Pass stuff: 01:04:15

-Metal Wolf Chaos XD release: 01:08:40

-Nintendo ain’t censoring anything: 01:12:00

-Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t have all the Pokemon: 01:19:15

-Dr. Disrespect: 01:27:40

-G2A is scummy: 01:33:00

Bullshit?: Sony trying to Acquire Remedy 01:35:15