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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 6, 26th March 2021
Health and Wellness Leaders Rachel Prairie, Christine McDonough, and Mandi Holden
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Health and Wellness Leaders Rachel Prairie, Christine McDonough, and Mandi Holden

Christa Rymal of The Point hosts a special episode on our podcast: interviewing three women, together, leading outside-the-box health and wellness. Meet trainer of the trainers, Coach Rachel Prairie; spiritual life coach & reiki master Christine McDonough; and inspirational blogger and fitness enthusiast Mandi Holden. Join us as we discuss the tie these women have to one another, and the hard-learned and earned lessons they're teaching their independent communities. 

All three of our female-guests, with differing backgrounds and experiences expanding their healthspan, offer us a fresh perspective on our own journeys. As non-conventional health professionals, they provide listeners nuanced yet sound reasons for taking a whole-systems approach to health.

Hear Rachel speak to action, Chritine speak to energy, and Mandi speak to mindset. Learn the importance of play, and how to determine what goals are best for you to focus on- paramount to finding happiness and the lifestyle suited for you. Rachel, Christine, and Mandi each share their intimate relationship with failure and resolution, empowering us as listeners to answer these questions for ourselves:

1) How do I feel?

2) Where do I feel I can do better?

3) Where do I not feel well? 

Without limiting wellness to nutrition, fitness, or any other single modality, we start to piece together our wellness web. In doing so, we also begin tuning in to where we are in the present, and prioritizing what we need for a better future.

Take inventory as you follow along, let their messages resonate with you, and feel inspired, heard and understood. Before the end of today's episode you will gain new insight on how to approach holistic well-being with less struggle than those who've come before you. 


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