Becoming Financially Smart with Dr. David Rhoiney [Black History Month Special]
Episode 828th February 2021 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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As part of The Black History Month, I'm excited to share my conversation with returning guest, Dr. David Rhoiney!

Dr. David Rhoiney is a General Surgeon who learned how to build generational wealth that allowed him to be financially independent. He is also the person behind SurgiFi, a personal finance website committed to helping others achieve financial independence via financial literacy.

In this episode, we discuss income creation, how to maximize your income, and how money connects everybody in a good way. We also talk about how financial literacy really makes the difference when it comes to wealth making.

If you want to make more money or just create a life where you and your family's comfortable, then I encourage you to hit that play button and listen to this episode as Dr. Rhoiney gives you the motivation you need to fulfill your goals!


>> Money connects everybody

>> Maximize your income before you start thinking about other things

>> What Black History Month means for Dr. Rhoiney

>> Focusing on communication and listen

>> Dr. Rhoiney shares how he was able to put raise five-figures for a not for profit

>> Be smart about your money and how to make more of it

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