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End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship for Impact - Callye Keen EPISODE 2, 27th March 2020
The Ultimate Marketing Strategy
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The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

What is the Ultimate Marketing Strategy?

Is it blowing a ton of cash on Tik Tok, Insta, and Faceback to hound potential customers going to make you successful? It could.

Is going back to the basics with blogs and SEO going to make you dominate your market niche? It could help.

Well, what works?

Doing something worth sharing.

Great products and services have a viral component. You make a customer. You make a friend or advocate. That customer goes and tells another person. Now, you are getting customers through word of mouth. 

If you want to grow quickly without spending a fortune on ads, create something so undeniably good people have to share. Your work does not have to appeal to everyone. It must (not should) be amazing to someone.