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70. Success story: How Justine Dolores gained confidence as a new podcast manager
Episode 7017th August 2021 • The Podcast Manager Show • Lauren Wrighton
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"Where the head goes, the body follows" is an old saying in the martial arts community. The same principle is true for business.  When you change your mindset and believe in yourself, great things will happen. My guest, Justine Dolores, knows this first hand. When she started her podcast management business, Justine suffered from Imposter Syndrome and it affected her ability to attract clients. She tells us how hiring a mindset coach and changing her viewpoint has helped her overcome her fears. 

Today, Justine shares some great advice about how to use discovery calls to improve your services and sales pitches. She also talks about looking for opportunities in unlikely places and what to use in lieu of a website to promote your business. As a long-time Instagram lover, Justine also has some great tips on how to use it to market your services and what to do when you DM a potential client for the first time. Although she started her business by approaching clients on Instagram and Facebook, Justine now has people seeking HER out.

In this episode, we cover:

- Starting a business in Covid times

- How to use Milkshake on Instagram to promote your business

- Changing the way you see sales calls

- How to find your ideal clients on Instagram

- Guest management and what you can offer your podcast clients

- How to create relationships with clients and naturally bring up your services with them

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