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Blackhawks had a good road trip, Strome 10G in last 10gm's, Fan Questions
Episode 112 β€’ 29th March 2022 β€’ Chicago TomaHawk: A Podcast on The Chicago Blackhawks β€’ Mike Prieto + Matt Raisutis
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Blackhawks had a good road trip where they won 2 of 3.

Hawks vs Kings 4-3 W:

  • Delia's officially named the backup for the rest of the season. He had a strong outing making 43 saves against a playoff team.
  • Goals from Kane, Debrincat, and Lafferty.
  • Debrincat had the shoot out game winner.

Solid play by the team. Finishing games has been hard for them but they put this one away late.

Hawks vs Vegas 5-4 Loss:

First 2 periods the Hawks were playing good hockey. Lankinen played well and was looking good in net. Then in the third period Vegas scored 3 goals in 2:59. This turned into an OT loss in a game they should have won.

  • Kane, Strome, and Debrincat line looked good.
  • Goals from Kubalik, Toews, Strome, and Debrincat.
  • Kubalik had a nice goal and put some good shots on net. He's been having a problem with shot accuracy this season but looked better yesterday.

NHL news: 

After watching the flames light up the oilers , matt has jumped on the flames wagon . It’s to hard to cheer for a central team , and everybody out west in the pacific except the flames is playing average or awful . 

We also went over some fan questions πŸ‘πŸ½

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