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028: Stephen Lacey, Editor-in-Chief at GTM and creator of The Energy Gang podcast
Episode 2820th April 2017 • SunCast • Nico Johnson
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Welcome to Episode 28 of SunCast. Today's episode in many ways has been 18 months in the making.  I met today's guest way back when I was just recording the first episodes of SunCast, and have looked to him as a mentor and spiritual podcast guide longer still.

Today on SunCast, you'll meet Stephen Lacey.  Stephen is the Editor-in-Chief of Greentech Media and host of the extremely popular GTM podcasts The Energy Gang and The Interchange.  Like many of you, GTM is one of my go-to-resources for up-to-date info on the bleeding edge of cleantech, so I'm truly excited to have Stephen on the show today.There's a Ton here to ponder today, but among the topics discussed, we discover:

There's a Ton here to ponder today, but among the topics discussed, we discover:

  • The origins of the Energy Gang podcast
  • A modified version of Hot/Not where Stephen opines on topics from Distributed storage to SAAS startups in cleantech
  • The likelihood of a carbon tax
  • Stephen's view on the impact of the Trump Administration
  • And some of his biggest takeaways from over a decade of clean energy reporting.

Thanks again for taking the time to be here.  Enjoy this week’s episode of SunCast, with none other than, Stephen Lacey.

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