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Episode 542nd February 2023 • Become A Calm Mama • Darlynn Childress
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Robyn Reynolds is a certified professional organizer.  If organization skills are a genetic trait, it is a dominant gene for Robyn who was found organizing stuffed animals by size, shape and color before she could walk . Robyn has been quoted in the Huffington Post, Real Simple magazine,, Woman’s Day magazine and numerous other publications. She has also worked on the television show “Hoarders.”

Her book, “A to Zen: 26 tips to inspire organization” offers easy-to-follow tips for homeowners to build a life based on organization, routine and simplicity all leading to greater personal fulfillment. When Robyn is not organizing and harmonizing her clients, she is spending time with her teen daughter, whom she treasures.

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Instagram - @Organize2Harmonize

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