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Feeling the Fear; Doing it Anyway – with Lydia Berry
Episode 1427th May 2022 • Beyond The Water Cooler • Lisa LLoyd
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Series 2: The how to getting employee experience right.

Lydia Berry, Founder and Director at Waymaker Consulting is a phenomenal woman. Her personal story that she shares here tells us a lot about why she is who she is today. Lydia has been able to draw on her tragedy 10 years ago to reframe her weaknesses, challenge her fear, and lead her team with a clarity about what provides the most meaningful experience at work. 

Lydia's story is one about child bereavement. If you are affected by this and would like to seek support, you will find the details of Sands below, an organisation that Lydia highly recommends.

Here is some of what we explore:

  • Leader self-awareness as a determining factor of employee experience 
  • The difference that leadership style makes
  • The impact of our personal traits on our mental health, if we are not self-aware and able to take control
  • Other's perceptions and how they can drive our behaviour
  • Reframing weaknesses to become strengths
  • Using personal journeys to shape how we lead the experience of our employees 
  • The recognition and role of fear, and using it to drive personal and business development
  • Practical steps for leaders to bring out the best in their teams – to help them thrive and perform

More about Lydia

Founder and Director at Waymaker Consulting, Lydia Berry is a strategist, planner, practical partner, future-proofer, compassionate sounding board. Being able to come in with fresh eyes, survey the current situation and see the best way forward is something Lydia has developed over the years. The Waymaker Way offers businesses practical, logical, strategic and realistic changes that will directly impact the bottom line. We make a WAY for your business to grow.

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Sands (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity)

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