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Episode 18: How To Get Customers To Eagerly Buy Your Books With Tom Corson-Knowles
28th December 2016 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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In our latest episode, I am joined by Tom Corson-Knowles, an entrepreneur, publisher, and author of 20 bestselling books. Listen in as we discuss his career, and as Tom drops some super valuable information on success as a writer.


Tom had a different dream than his classmates, and wanted to be successful for his quality of life and to make a change in the world...rather than working crazy hours at a Wall Street cubicle. He had a clear vision and set his sights on it.


Tom talks us through his start and how he became a bestselling author. Tom discusses how we should model our way to success and wants us to avoid a devastating mistake most people make when they publish their first book.


Wondering how to get people to buy your books? Tom goes deep into this question within the episode. You’ll also hear about “thinking time” and many other lessons that will help you become a more successful author and entrepreneur.


Key Links from The Show:  - Tom’s Publishing Company’s Site - a free Video tutorial on publishing - Tom’s Podcast




- Tom’s 3 Keys of Authorship

- How to run a business and still have time to write

- Tom’s best lesson learned during his career

- To model success on those who you consider successful

- How and why to create a great team around you