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Making positive global impact for all emergency dispatchers with Joe McCarville
Episode 243rd October 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guest today is Joe McCarville.  Over the course of the 20 years He has been a dispatcher in 911 emergency , Manager for a countywide consolidation and is now running his own leadership training business to help other 911 dispatchers in both US and internationally to be a better leaders dealing through crisis and emergency situations.

He shares how 911 emergency calls helped him realise the importance of training for all emergency dispatchers.  

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Special offer from Joe: 

Anybody, that's listening to the Success Inspired Podcast, that's working in emergency dispatch and working for 000 in Australia, If you go on to 911 Gold Line Training on Facebook, send Joe a message or email him at joe(at) and mention Success  Inspired Podcast, he's going to give away 2x 100% complimentary seats to be a part of 911 Leadership Gold in October, all expenses paid.

All you have to do is mention the Success Inspired Podcast in the email. First two emergency dispatchers from Australia that email Joe, will get to attend complimentary 100% for free because of the Success Inspired Podcast.


  • (00:01:04) - What compelled Joe to become 911 Emergency dispatcher
  • (00:05:13) - Importance of specificity when handling emergency call - story
  • (00:09:06) - Success with rapid SOS and stories of saving lives thanks to technology and geolocation
  • (00:18:54) - Joe's 911 Gold Line Training Business - the purpose to getting started and success he's had so far
  • (00:23:17) - Importance of leadership skills in emergency dispatching
  • (00:25:56) - You need to build relationships with your people
  • (00:34:25) - Joe's mission to make positive global impact for all emergency dispatchers
  • (00:37:42) - We talk about John Maxwell Leadership Training
  • (00:40:30) - If you are not taking care of yourself, there's no way you can add value to somebody else.
  • (00:49:07) - Fitness is important find your way to make it work
  • (00:54:39) - Wrap up and how to get in touch with Joe

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