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Are These 3 Issues Showing Up in Your Marriage?
Episode 10413th September 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Something that Mark sees all the time is grown-ass MEN falling all over themselves for a WOMAN. They think everything is fine, life is going great, and then all of a sudden, she turns around and says she doesn’t want to be married anymore. And what do they do? They start thinking about all the BAD sh*t they did, feel guilty for EVERYTHING they did wrong, and they LOSE it trying to get her to stay. That’s just ONE scenario that Mark is sharing this week as he answers YOUR questions from the Empowered Man Facebook group.

There are certain questions that appear in the Empowered Man Facebook group all the time, so Mark has chosen THREE of them and is answering them in this week’s episode. Mark is NOT here to tell you what to do, he’s here to help you build a NEW foundation, and INSTRUCT you to think through things so you can learn how YOU should be approaching life. Are YOU ready to feel more empowered and in control? Learn how to harness the ENERGY of a situation and use it to catapult your own personal growth so YOU win no matter what.

 “If you truly love her, you will give her the space she needs, you will respect her boundaries, and you will create boundaries for your own life.”

- Mark Santiago 

In This Episode:

- Find out what classic childhood or teenage boy thinking is and how it might be showing up for YOU

- You cannot fix her, you have to own YOU. Here’s what that means…

- Find out how the Thrive Program puts men in the most POWERFUL position possible in their lives

- Learn the difference between a COACHING and SUPPORT group

- You’re not deeply in love with her. You’re deeply in love with the CONCEPT of her. Here’s why…

- Discover the POWER of investing in your own growth

- THIS one thing is so hard for men to accept and understand…

- MEN need to learn how to be REAL men. Here’s why…

- Is your wife having an emotional experience that YOU don’t know how to respond to? Find out…

And much more…


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