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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 47, 22nd March 2021
Chapter 47. Flouncing around in a big shirt.
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Chapter 47. Flouncing around in a big shirt.


However you look at it, it was quite a year.

As a band, we got through quite a lot, even without the complication of a change in personnel. So strap in as we continue with my early impressions of Marillion, which this week means the recording of Seasons End at Hook End Manor and the joys of recording promo videos.

Whatever happens, by the time you get through the next 1:04:01 (hours/mins/secs) of Chapter 47 you are going to know;

  1. how to deal with a barn fire
  2. the most fun you can have with some birthday candles and a dry-cleaning bag
  3. the first thing to do when the police turn up with a writ

Whoever said that TCD wasn't educational as well as entertaining.

Lord Bryon sends regards,


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