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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 144, 30th August 2018
Ep. 144 - John Wineland LIVE: Deeper Sex, Masculinity + Spiritual Intimacy
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Ep. 144 - John Wineland LIVE: Deeper Sex, Masculinity + Spiritual Intimacy

A few weeks ago, Lindsey + Krista had the pleasure of hosting a live conversation and Q+A with John Wineland, a transformational relationship expert, a spiritual intimacy teacher, and the guest on episode 96 + episode 97 of this show. John led the audience through a conversation about practicing the art of embodiment, intimate communication, and feeling for better relationships and a deeper connection in your love life.


And as always, #ALMOST30NATION was so open and vulnerable with their questions.  Questions answered touched on topics like intimacy and dating, the energetic dynamics of a relationship, sex, and so much more. (Of course, we’ll also be chatting all about it in the Secret Facebook Group!)


We discuss…


  • The 3 layers of sex: physical, emotional, & energetic
  • Masculine essence + sex
  • Yogic practices for strengthening your consciousness + turning your body into an invitation for love
  • Do you have a masculine or feminine energy? Maybe both?
  • Cultivating both your feminine + your masculine
  • You can have a conscious one night stand
  • How to live thriving, energized lives aligned with a deep purpose
  • Invaluable tools that evoke the best from your partners for years to come
  • How to reinvigorate relationships full of love, connection – and sex!
  • Training your nervous system to express what’s true at a deeper level


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