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Ep 106: Meat and Potatoes Training with Steve Tripp
Episode 10623rd January 2022 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Joining me on the show this week is Steve Tripp, Owner of The Top Strength Project in Providence, Rhode Island. Steve is an amazing strength athlete and coach who brings all kinds of expertise to the table, so anytime I get the chance to sit down and pick his brain, I take it.

The two of us unpack the big rocks of your training and what the majority should be focused around. We dive into why using tools other than the straight bar may make more sense for you and your goals. We then steer the conversation to the role rest and recovery plays in Steve’s training and the tactics and strategies he uses for the best results.

Steve puts in the work every single day, and his results speak for themselves (e.g. his 850 lb deadlift). Steve’s someone I have the utmost respect for in our industry, so listen in as he shares his go-to fitness tips that you can take and utilize in your own training.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • [04:39] Who is Steve Tripp
  • [07:54] Big core rocks that will help you get stronger and put on muscle
  • [09:01] A common misconception for incorporating the big compound movements in your training when you’re “old”
  • [10:30] The importance of understanding what variations are right for you
  • [13:34] The benefit to offering yourself a different stimulus in your training
  • [14:06] The issue with being married to one specific lift
  • [15:32] Why the most important piece of your training success is optimal output
  • [16:25] Mental overload and its negative effect on reaching your goals
  • [21:20] Staying open-minded to different tools to use in order to reach the results you want
  • [26:25] Why you should build a generalized base as large as you can
  • [29:06] The reasoning behind Steve’s shift to implementing the safety bar squat
  • [30:35] Developing capacity and competency in a stacked position
  • [34:00] Understanding which tools and implements create higher quality work over others
  • [37:50] The role rest and recovery plays in Steve’s training
  • [43:47] The importance of executing small day to day tasks instead of focusing on the end goal
  • [45:41] Where to find Steve Tripp


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