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Love Made Simple with Juan Lee
Episode 153rd October 2021 • Butterfly Kisses • Amy Gray-Cunningham
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Today on Butterfly Kisses, Amy talks with author and teacher Juan Lee about the powerful principle of Love. In Juan’s book “Love Made Simple,” he refers to Love as the secret to experiencing peace, joy, success, ad serenity.

For over 30 years, Juan has studied organized religion to find the elements that unite humanity and share the message with those who need it. Raised within the Christian church, Juan has turned to teachings about Love over the years to find strength, understanding, and hope.

And in today’s episode, Juan shares with Amy that Love is not so much a feeling but rather a chameleon, a conduit, and a choice—the 3 C’s! He believes Love has the power to make life better and is the answer to overcoming diversity because we all need each other. Instead of focusing on what makes us different, we need to focus on our similarities and how we can help one another.

Juan has also started a non-profit—Clear Journey which is based on the basic premises of the book Love Made Simple. All proceeds from the book support the mission of Clear Journey.

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