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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 29th December 2015
Create Content Like a Pro. Learn Strategies and Tips from Morgan McDonald
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Create Content Like a Pro. Learn Strategies and Tips from Morgan McDonald


“Whatever youre building, you are also in the midst of creating a life of meaning”


Starting out as an academic in sociology Morgan McDonald discovered her passion in coaching others to write when she began helping her colleagues research for their papers. She dropped out on her PHD and decided the entrepreneurial cap fitted much better.


Morgan McDonald now has her own growing business as a writing coach and editor of non-fiction. It is her passion to work with those that would like to write a book but don’t know where to start. Since 2013 she has been coaching aspiring writers and walking them through their books, chapter by chapter from vague ideas to first draft to finished manuscript.


How do you think writing helps entrepreneurs create that standout characteristic?


As entrepreneurs we are content creators- you might focus mainly on video or audio but to be truly successful you have to be comfortable with writing. Blog posts, social media posts, email lists, all of these things are communicating who we are in words and it’s all very important. Your audience truly wants to connect with who you are.


What about tips for finding topics to write about?


I have a daily habit of free writing that I love. It helps to release the pressure around writing. A lot of the time you’re like, ok I need to write three blog posts and you kind of tense up because you don’t know what to write about. So I take a step back and let whatever wants to come out, come out. Turn off all your distractions, set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just let yourself write. Write faster than you would normally write, write with no goal in mind and with no pressure on yourself. I always find that I have a lot more ideas in my mind after this exercise as I’ve tapped into the well of creativity and passion. Do this once a day for five days.


How do you stay motivated?


You have to get connected with your “why”. Why is it important to whoever you are trying to reach, and to yourself? With my coaching I always start with getting the author to write three to five reasons why their book is important to their reader. I ask questions like what transformation do they hope their reader to go through? What do they hope will be different for the reader once they’ve read the book? Then I ask how do they hope their book will change their life as the author? This distills the most powerful part of their “why”.



Lightning Round


What trophy would you want on your mantle?


Best Coach.


What is your guilty Pleasure?


Chocolate in the evening.


What are you currently reading?


dot.com secrets.


What is your productivity hack?


Using a timer for sure.


What is your personal motto?


Life is an adventure and it has only begun”.


What would you do differently, if you were given another chance?


Start my business sooner.


Best way to reach Morgan


Website: www.paperravenbooks.com

Free quick start video available at: www.paperravenbooks.com/smita