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The Spotlight - ThePodium.in EPISODE 25, 17th February 2021
Fuelling Startups in India | Dhurv Nath of Lead Angels Network
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Fuelling Startups in India | Dhurv Nath of Lead Angels Network

When you teach, you learn,” staying true to his love for academics and teaching for nearly 2 decades of his career, our guest on Beyond Campus is a retired professor, angel investor, startup mentor and co-author of the book ‘Funding Your Start-Up and Other Nightmares’.

In this episode, we are in conversation with Dhruv Nath who wears many hats. After serving as a professor at MDI, Gurgaon, he became the director of Lead Angels Network in November 2020, an angel investment platform that is providing time and money to early stage startups, supporting them with funds and the much-needed guidance they require to grow amidst COVID-19 crises. 

As the pandemic altered a lot of things in our lives, redefining ‘Normal’, Lead Angels saw a unique opportunity to invest in early-stage, up and coming startups, providing them exposure and innovative solutions in the new world. 

He shares insights from his initial working days as a Senior Vice President at NIIT which is among world’s leading training companies. A keen-learner, and someone who believes in incorporating personal experiences into his teachings, he talks about his rewarding days as a professor. 

Well, he is the most excited talking about his role as an angel investor and the workings of angel investing. 

Tune in to the episode to listen to the powerhouse of a man talking about teaching, startups, investment, mentoring and everything in between. 

From the episode

  1. Days at MDI and the phenomenal learning experiences. 
  2. Lessons on creating digital Start-Ups and Fintech. 
  3. Angel Investing, chances of being successful at it, and the risks involved.  
  4. Scaling-Up hacks for aspiring founders. 

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