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Turning Double Standards into Double Wins
Episode 22Bonus Episode6th December 2021 • LIFE LNXX • Consuelo Crosby
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Cultural Double Standards

Today's Bonus Episode is the core of Episode 21, 'Adversity in Diversity - Even at Home' that shares the struggles of cultural barriers that begin at home and deny once in a lifetime opportunities.

'Turning Double Standards into Double Wins' shares the frustration of being denied opportunity to appease a cultural norm and learning how to make it a win for decades of young women.

Bonus Episodes of Life Lnxx Podcast

Bonus episodes are the stories behind the stories. The Dirty Deets that were cut out from the published Life Lnxx podcast full length episodes yet fueled the content.

Stand alone 15 minute podcasts of Consuelo's true stories based on experiences of her past, her heritage and her own wacky choices that help explain today's world for young women. Stories that haven't been taught or told yet frame the choices for women to make today.