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Interview with Erik Bethal - Part 2
Episode 415th November 2021 • Ensuring Crypto • Mark Peters
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Last week, Erik Bethel shared his thoughts on how the geopolitical situation can threaten America from an economic and financial standpoint. 

Today, in this second and final part of our interview, we dive deeper into Erik's experiences at the World Bank, the present and future of digital assets, and what should the crypto market avoid to prevent a ham-fisted approach from regulators. 

Throughout our conversation, Erik pointed out some things that caught his attention immediately as he got into the World Bank. He narrates how challenging it was for him to find diplomatic ways to deal with situations favoring China, which just seemed unfair. He also explained with astonishing clarity the pros and cons of Central Bank digital currencies, their applications, and how they can help governments to pay and collect taxes without harming the general population. Finally, Erik talked about what he thinks is the future of crypto.