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REPOST "Visible Behaviours, not Whiteboard Values" (Guest: Dominic Walsh)
3rd November 2020 • There’s No ‘I’ in Podcast • Mark Johnson & Sean Gallagher
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Welcome, new listeners! Mark and Sean return to their chat with football coach Dominic Walsh about his experiences across all levels of football from grassroots up to an elite academy.  They discuss the importance of being authentic as a coach and how behaviour rather than values truly shows who you are as a leader or member of a team.  An anecdote about building resilience in young academy players is a real treat, with Dom being chased around by an old PE teacher a close second.

This episode was our most popular early episode, so worth checking out again.

Sean and Mark mention the Evelina children's hospital.  Check out their work here and the fundraiser here.

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