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Catholic Foundation Library - Michael Joseph Mouawad EPISODE 10, 9th January 2021
CFL 10: Out of Egypt
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CFL 10: Out of Egypt

Catholic Foundation Library #10

In this lecture, we build upon our study of the Covenant and the blessings and curses by considering the presence of Israel in Egypt,  their fall into slavery, and their call out of Egypt. We use the senses of Scripture to apply their plight to the present time in order to understand God's plan of salvation for us today.


  • Why did God let Israel stay in Egypt for 400 years before calling them out?
  • Why did God make it so difficult for them to reach the Promised Land?  Jericho was a powerful city. Two chariots could run side-by-side atop its fortified walls.
  • Why did God ask the Israelites to walk around it blowing trumpets?