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Conversations with Charlie Dyer, Guest: Martin Schoenhals
15th March 2021 • Conversations with Charlie Dyer •
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It is often at our darkest moments that we humans assemble our hopes for brighter days and imagine a more compassionate and sustainable future. Our guest, Martin Schoenhals, draws on research from anthropology, biology, history and psychology and introduces us to a Utopia where money is no longer king, joy is central, life’s necessities are universally guaranteed, work is optional, learning is pleasurable, nation states are dismantled, and media is a means of promoting equality and community instead of feeding the cult of celebrity. He not only offers policy points from which to begin the discussion of how such measures could be achieved, but invites each of us to join him in creating a future we might wish for our children.

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Work, Love, and Learning in Utopia: Equality Reimagined