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DDoS Weapons Intelligence meets Intelligent AI & Automation Protection! A Cyber Security Special with Paul Nicholson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at A10
Episode 4514th August 2023 • Tomorrow's Tech Today • Sally Eaves
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DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are growing in frequency, intensity and sophistication, from DDoS malware infected hosts such as drones right through to a range of different server protocol exploitations! The list goes on - but critically DDoS delivery methods are actually largely unchanged via bots and servers.

So after recently evaluating a staggering 15.4 Million DDoS attacks alongside launching a superb real-time DDoS Weapons Intelligence Map to help build collective cross-sector intelligence, who better to be joined now than by Paul Nicholson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at A10 to discuss all the latest! Within this, we share a particular focus on the role of Intelligent Automation, Zero Trust, and Network Monitoring as the 3 critical pillars of an effective and proactive DDoS cyber defense strategy - and tailorable to organizations of all sizes.

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