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Money 2020: Flashy or a Snooze Fest?
Episode 26th November 2023 • Fintech Confidential • Diamond D3, Media
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In this episode of Uncut by Fintech Confidential, Tedd Huff, along with Matt Van Houten and Eric Brown, delve into their experiences at the Money 2020 conference. They highlight a significant shift from crypto and blockchain to a more mainstream approach, emphasizing the importance of working within existing financial systems. Additionally, they observe a decrease in the presence of big companies and stages, speculating that economic factors and a previous focus on risk may be the cause. The conversation also touches upon the high cost of participation, the evolution of the conference's focus, and the current state of fintech. Finally, they conclude by discussing the delicate balance between price and value that conference attendees must consider.

Three essential items that we dive into.

1️⃣ "Discover the surprising shift in focus at the Money 2020 conference!"

2️⃣ "Uncover the hidden truth behind the decrease in big companies at Money 2020!"

3️⃣ "Find out the secret to balancing price and value for conference attendees!"


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Time Stamps:

00:02:18 - The shift in the show floor and the absence of crypto

Find out why crypto and blockchain-related topics were noticeably absent at the recent Money 2020 conference. The show floor has changed, and we're here to spill the tea!

00:05:33 - The mainstream and orthodox tone of Money 2020

Money 2020 used to be all about challenging the status quo, but things have changed. Discover how the conference has become more mainstream and focused on working within existing systems.

00:10:53 - The bear market impact on crypto presence

Crypto companies are taking a hit in the bear market, affecting their presence at Money 2020. Dive into the market-driven factors that are causing this decline.

00:12:37 - The decline in presence at Money 2020

The show floor is shrinking, and big players are nowhere to be found. Get the scoop on the decrease in stages and the absence of major players outside the conference.

00:16:48 - Lack of innovation at Money 2020

Innovation seems to be taking a backseat at Money 2020. Uncover why this year's event lacks the innovative and groundbreaking ideas we've seen in the past.

00:17:59 - Money 2020's new product, 20 Fold

Money 2020 is introducing a game-changer: 20 Fold. Find out how this new product aims to bring investors and startups together in a modern twist on Angel List.

00:24:48 - The startup growth cycle

Money 2020 is evolving, and startups are playing a bigger role. Join the conversation about the growth cycle of the conference and the increasing involvement of startups.

00:25:23 - Shift towards fintech and crypto

Traditional banks are taking a backseat as fintech and crypto companies steal the spotlight at Money 2020. Discover when this shift started and what it means for the industry.

00:32:14 - Challenges and limitations of AI in payments

AI is revolutionizing payments, but it's not without its challenges. Learn about the limitations and risks of using AI, especially regarding fraud detection.

00:34:49 - The Challenges of Generative AI and Language Models

Generative AI and language models may sound fancy, but they come with their own set of difficulties. Find out why matching terminology and potential errors can be a headache.

00:35:32 - Preventing Chargebacks and Retaining Revenue

Chargebacks can be a nightmare for businesses, but there's a way to prevent them. Discover how resolving chargebacks before they're filed can save your revenue.

00:36:54 - Expectations and Potential of AI Tools and Problem Solving

AI tools have the potential to solve complex problems, but not all tools are created equal. Learn why finding the right tool for the job is crucial for success.

00:46:38 - Innovation doesn't have to be flashy

Innovation doesn't always mean reinventing the wheel. Find out how making a product better and easier to use can be just as innovative, without all the flashy gimmicks.

00:51:46 - The future of fintech and banking

What does the future hold for fintech and banking? Get a glimpse into the next three years, including potential consolidation, partnerships, and the importance of trust.

00:57:45 - The need for clarity and protection in payments

Clear rules and protection are essential in payment systems. Discover how Venmo is stepping up with a liability guarantee and why trust and protection matter to consumers.

00:58:56 - The price tag and attendance

Attending Money 2020 comes with a hefty price tag. Find out how the high cost impacts attendance and who will pay the big bucks.

01:00:23 - The value of the badge

Is the Money 2020 badge worth the price? Explore the value attendees get from their badges and whether it justifies the steep cost.

01:02:17 - Sessions and content improvement

Money 2020 is stepping up its game with improved session content. Dive into the practical and deep-diving topics that are taking center stage.

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