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390 | Dr. Shannon Irvine: Hacking Your Brain For Success
Episode 3901st April 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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As we continue our unique journeys of self-growth, financial freedom, and spirituality, we need to know the science behind our brains. In many ways, our brain can seem to get in the way, but today’s guest shows us that you can change how your brain solves problems and create a better path to success.

Dr. Shannon Irvine is an entrepreneur, high-achievement business, and mindset master coach. She is the host of the Epic Success Podcast, with a Ph.D. in neuropsychology. She’s also the founder of, a charity supporting AIDS orphans in Africa. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs become the person who can achieve their God-given dreams by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to think, act, and actually be a six-figure entrepreneur in a way that honors what they value most.

Cayla discovered Dr. Irvine on Instagram and immediately loved everything she was sharing. When seeing a mom out there who is doing amazing things but still keeping her kids first, Cayla knew she had to have Dr. Irvine on the Mommy Millionaire Podcast. Listen to Cayla and Dr. Irvine discuss how we can lead our brains and minds to where we want to go and change the stories that are holding us back.

You will learn:

  • [3:01] - Dr. Irvine shares her background and career journey.
  • [4:33] - In hiring her first coach, she realized that there wasn’t a huge secret. It is all about mindset.
  • [5:41] - This is how she took the turn into neuropsychology.
  • [7:06] - As children, our brains weren’t developed enough to determine what was true or not and we started writing the stories we believe now.
  • [8:05] - When you go into resistance, you hear the stories that are not even yours.
  • [9:05] - The system to clear out those stories is really simple.
  • [11:07] - Automation is also given through society.
  • [12:46] - You have to be extremely clear about what success looks like.
  • [14:18] - Focusing on the process held her back.
  • [15:17] - An automated thought scan looks like a freeway. Let that be success.
  • [16:19] - We can see a clear path but then fear comes.
  • [17:30] - Your brain keeps you playing safe, but that holds you back.
  • [19:04] - Social media is second to cocaine in addiction.
  • [20:51] - Set parameters around your social media use.
  • [22:24] - It is highly advised to have a role for someone on your team to manage social media.
  • [23:57] - It feels good at the moment, but social media doesn’t always get you the sale.
  • [25:05] - Take a look at little things that give you more time to focus on your vision.
  • [27:23] - Dr. Irvine has gotten rid of the word “intention.”
  • [28:15] - DIA means Decide In Advance.
  • [30:35] - What are the things that Dr. Irvine does that set her days up for success?
  • [33:12] - Don’t wait till you hit seven figures before you show up that way.

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