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From Teacher to Roofing Leader: Kirsten Land's Inspirational Journey
Episode 327th September 2023 • The Oklahoma Business Show • Chris Moroz
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In this episode, Chris Moroz interviews Kirsten Land, CEO of Land Enterprises Roofing, as she recounts her remarkable journey from a teacher to a roofing company leader. Kirsten shares how her background in special education shaped her effective sales management approach and discusses her transition into running the company after her husband's passing. Confronting imposter syndrome and team dynamics, Kirsten shares her story about enhancing resilience, personal development, and the transformational potential of navigating adversity.

Kirsten reflects on a pivotal moment that turned the tide for her business, a transformative realization following a tough period of employee departures and doubts about her capabilities. She discusses her strategy of documenting mistakes, her passion for enhancing customer service, and her sons' diverse activities.

Tune in and learn!

Key Highlights

[00:24] Kirsten's background

[01:15] How Kirsten transitioned from teaching to roofing

[05:00] Transitioning from a sales role to the CEO

[07:58] Navigating Imposter Syndrome and Embracing Learning as a Business Owner

[11:07] Why Kirsten decided to keep the business after her husband's death

[13:46] Navigating Challenges and Implementing a Personal Vision in Business Growth

[17:54] Defining Moments of Progress and Team Cohesion in Business Transformation

[20:19] Harnessing the Power of Journaling for Reflection and Progress in Business

[22:53] Balancing Seasonal Demand and Building a Resilient Roofing Business Model

[29:59] Personal Relaxation and Unwinding: Kirsten's Go-To Methods

[32:43] One piece of technology Kirsten cannot live without

[33:24] How to connect with Land Enterprise Roofing

Notable Quotes

● Nobody does anything great without help from other people.

● Sometimes a decision, even though it feels bad, doesn't mean that it's a bad, you know, bad decision. Sometimes we can let our emotions play too heavily into our decision-making.

● Just because someone is a good fit once doesn't mean they're always a good fit.

● Sometimes it's okay to realize, “Hey, it's just not working anymore. I appreciate what you've done in the past, but it's just not working now.”


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