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Why Teens Shouldn’t Use Marijuana
Episode 2329th September 2021 • I Want to Know More - Parenting Montana • Center for Health and Safety Culture
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Children, adolescents, and young adults are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of marijuana due to their developing brains. Marijuana can impact a teen’s present life by increasing their risk for dropping out of high school, and it can affect their future because of the impact marijuana has on a developing brain that can be significant and long lasting. Preventing your teen from using marijuana, whether that means preventing them from ever using or delaying their start until at least the age of 21, greatly minimizes the negative and long-term impact of marijuana on the brain.

This podcast has information to equip you, as a parent or someone in a parenting role, to have conversations about marijuana and the importance of not using it during the teenage years. It explores reasons to be concerned about marijuana use, consequences of marijuana use, and specific strategies you can implement to encourage your child not to use marijuana. This is brought to you as part of from The Montana Department of Health and Human Services and the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University.

The teen brain goes through a significant development and maturation process until the mid twenties. During this vulnerable time for the developing brain, marijuana use can significantly impact the structure and function of the developing brain, and some of the impacts can be long lasting. By avoiding marijuana, youth can greatly reduce these negative impacts. Listen now to learn how you as a parent or someone in a parenting role are key to helping your child prevent harm associated with marijuana.