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299-The Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Techniques Revealed
Episode 29925th September 2023 • Timeless Voyager Series • Bruce Stephen Holms
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299 -Timeless Voyager Series Guest, Amazon Best Selling author, Elly Molina, international Concierge Adviser to Former Heads of State, Public Figures, Celebrities, Business Professionals and trusted mentor to seekers. She has appeared on network TV discussing intuitive development and has recently created a certified program for adults called The Academy.

Elly teaches and guides clients to work with their own powerful intuitive abilities while introducing them to mind power techniques. Elly currently appears in a soon to be released documentary, The Galileo Project, by Filmmaker Betsy Chasse of “What the Bleep”!

In this Timeless Voyager episode, Elly explains Consciousness and Awareness and what it takes to move from 3D into 5D awareness through perspective and language. Finally, consciousness is clearly evidenced in the material world through images in frozen water and amazing music that creates sand and water images. This episode will BLOW YOUR MIND!