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Does Finkenauer support abortion up until birth?
21st May 2022 • The Gazette Fact Checker • The Gazette
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U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s campaign decried Abby Finkenauer for her support of proposed legislation to codify Roe v Wade into law to preserve abortion access nationwide even if the Supreme Court overturns it as a recent leak suggests.

"Democrats will stop at nothing to ensure their extremist views are enacted into law. Look no further than the bill in front of the U.S. Senate today — The Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act — which allows pregnancies to be terminated from conception to birth. Abby Finkenauer shared her support for this radical bill,“ Grassley’s team wrote in a campaign email.

The Gazette's Fact Checker team gives this claim a D. While it's true Finkenauer supports the legislation, Grassley's description of the bill is an oversimplification and misleading of the bill's intent.

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